Introduction to Netent Jacks or better

By 19 January 2021

Netent Jacks or better is a video poker game that involves a single player which is you. This video poker is an improvement on the common traditional video poker games found around the internet. It brings the computer game vibe with fast play and high payout. Jacks or Better Double Up allows up to 25 hands at a time, with a better graphical display showing a more polished background compared to other poker games. It is now quite easy to learn about different things, this is why has put together a simple guide to on how best to bet at online casinos


Netent Jacks or better paytable

The Netent Jacks or better payable is quite straightforward. The payable is dependent on 5 different levels. You are paid based on the level you chose before you make your bet. The game retains traditional rules with Royal straight flush paying the highest of all the hand outcome. For level 1, a royal flush pays 250 coins, however, for level 5, the game past as high as 4000 coins. However, the straight flush pays between 40 and 200 between levels 1 and levels 5. Looking to get better at playing video poker, you should definitely check out .

However, to get a royal flush, you need to have an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same card suit. This is the hardest to come across, this is the reason it pays so much. As for the straight flush, all you need is 5 cards of the similar suit in a sequence. An ace can count as the highest or lowest in any case. The next highest outcome is four of a kind which pays between 20 and 100 coins. to achieve this, you just need 4 cards with the same rank the last card can be of any kind.

The next highest is called the Full house and it is a little bit complex to grasp. This needs three matching cards with the same rank and also two matching cards of another rank. In this case, the symbol is not of importance. When you have a full house you get paid between 9 to 45 coins depending on the bet level you have chosen before the round began. The flush is another outcome that pays moderately. To achieve this, you simply need 5 cards of similar suit and it pays 6 to 30 coins. Other outcomes includes:

  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair

Netent Jacks or better gameplay and double up

The gameplay of Jacks or better is very simple. First, you need to set up the bet value. You can do this by choosing a level which is between 1 to 5 by the lower left of the game. The level you choose determine the value of bet also. You can use the option by the lower right to choose how many hands you wish to play which can be between 1 and 25. The coin value option next to the hands option is used to set how much value is given to a coin for a round.

After all the necessary details are set, you can use the big bet button in the middle to start a round. As soon as you click the button, you are immediately given 5 cards if you are playing just one hand. If there is a pair of special cards like ace, it is automatically held for you, however, you can hold some cards manually for the next shuffle. After the second shuffle, your hand is checked to see if they have any of the 9 possible win outcomes. You are paid for a match and you lose the best if you do not have any of the outcomes expected.